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Tyler Lekki


The native Buffalonian Tyler Lekki, a self-taught, "learn-by-doing" landscape photographer and digital artist, became obsessed with back-country hiking and exploring the unknown.

Long before Tyler was recognized in the landscape photography scene for pushing boundaries of exploration, he perfected his atmospheric post-production style. By layering multiple images that blend together, Tyler orchestrates movement in his final products, emitting a moody, dream-like viewing experience.

Deriving from his insatiable curiosity to capture seemingly impossible locations, Tyler's fixation with every detail that goes into his artwork puts him among a short list of world-class photographers.

After surprising the NFT world, selling out his debut collection, Pure Patagonia, in minutes, the compilation of unique compositions gained recognition from some of the most renowned collectors in the NTF space.

Tyler's most recent series on SuperRare was the first VR 360 series on the platform, making him one of the leading NFT artists in the VR landscape field. 

Hungry for more, Tyler returns to his "second home," El Chalten, in Patagonia for 2022/23 summer - where he has spent over 5 years studying the area.  Here he runs beginner to advanced technical workshops & next-level trekking tours. The local knowledge he's attained from total immersion in his craft qualifies him to host groups of eager photographers.

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